The company began its activity in the 90th of the XX century. At that time company “Mostra” was founded. The choice of the distribution firm’s name wasn't casual. The Italian word “Mostra” goes back to the Latin “Monstrare” that means “to show”. Such “exhibition”, “show” involves existence of the wide range of goods, and also the firm’s readiness to go on the way of transparency and openness. All this characterizes activity of our company. 

In 1994 there was the first delivery to distribution network of the country through the “Mostra” company. It was early autumn morning, when Yefimov Alexander in his blue jeans carried out the first delivery to the point of sale – Centralny shop in Minsk - by his orange car Zhiguli of the 6th model with N 21-06.

“Mostra” was with the times - the company staff got computers, before all processing of documents was made manually.

In 1997 in connection with expansion of business of Mostra” was transformed into “MOSTRA-GROUP”. 

Since 2000 delivery of production is carried out not only to shops of Minsk. Business of the company extends to regions of Belarus.