In 2005 logo was created. The idea was inspired by Ancient Greek mythology. That’s why Hermes's wings are symbol of “MOSTRA-GROUP” now. According to ancient myths, the god of trade Hermes gives success and profit in any enterprise. So wings on a logo represent business, development, partnership, productivity and professionalism. We use all of that in our activity.

Do you remember orange Zhiguli and blue jeans? They just became a color basis for MOSTRA-GROUP’s logo. There are two wings: orange and blue. Now our laconic logo is associated with scale of business, customer-oriented service, care of employees.

Practically since the beginning of the activity the company was engaged two business - distribution and logistics. But in 2010 logistic functions were transferred to the separate company.

At the end of 2012 there was an integration of two distribution companies. At the moment “MOSTRA-GROUP” brand consists of “MOSTRA-GROUP” Company and the “Tibetray” Company.

In 2016 the annual football championship "MOSTRA-GROUP" was celebrated the 10th anniversary. The Championship of MOSTRA-GROUP is an opportunity to prove that you can be a professional in business and in sports.