<p>We make the best decision </p>

We make the best decision 


Based on the infrastructure and modern DPC (data processing centre) there develop server and communication parts of “RTL-Agent” system.

Retail outlets are provided with mobile devices – a tablet, which has a client backend of “RTL – Agent” system’s software.

- Desktop modules of the system are installed.

- Communication channels and information data exchange systems are set up.

-  Users of the system are trained.

As a result of the steps realized we obtain the central planning and reporting system.

How does it work.

  • In retail outlets, through a tablet and relevant software the orders and the information about leftovers of an outlet  are collected.
  • With the help of data transfer system the orders are accumulated and processed on servers and databases, the statistics data are collected as well.
  • Accountable forms and complexes of supporting documents are printed in the product program.
  • With the help of desktop system modules the process of order receiving and processing is controlled, the analysis of statistics on sales and central planning are realized.


The system provides an opportunity to :

  • gather statistics of one particular outlet and the whole region as well
  • monitor previous sales
  • monitor leftovers in an outlet
  • realize the monitoring of non-replenishment
  • choose the supplier for working
  • see the assortment list of supplier’s goods
  • see the news and promotional offers of the suppliers
  • make orders without the participation of a sales agent
  • monitor the status of the orders realized
  • provide feedback about work quality
  • receive the information about the payments to supplier
  • inform the client about the news, promotional offers of the supplier