<p>We are result-oriented</p>

We are result-oriented


RTL-Logistics –  a modular client server application, that has a flexible setting of connected  and allocation of access rights to them. Flexibility in the configuration and settings provided by the basic elements and design solutions in all PC "Mercury".

The software system allows to make the work of a logistics manager automatic, to optimize to the utmost the application processing and their distribution between trips.

On the basis of planned flights, the system makes it possible to create the tasks for drivers / forwarders, synchronizing their personal communicators. In the task, in addition to the route (i.e. delivery points, additional information about them, visit order of these points), there is a list of the supporting documents for the client with a certain status. The driver / forwarder has the opportunity at acceptance / delivery of documents and goods, to make changes to the device status, create certificates and transmit in online mode the  information about the whole process of delivery. Thus, the information about shipped goods, goods in transit, the product received by the client, the act of differences, etc. appears promptly, which can significantly streamline many business processes of the company and use more efficiently the resources staff.

The plan system and on-line registration of realized works allows to estimate accurately and transparently the quality of transport services performed. Thereby, the system is able to calculate the cost of the provided service for any period in any desired detail:

  • Delivery cost of one waybill.
  • Delivery cost of one delivery point.
  • Cost of the trip.


In this case, if necessary, it may be provided on the actual run, produced in the process of delivery applications.

The integrated effect of cost reduction in implementation cost of a complete functional RTL-Logistics can be up to 20% of the current level.