<p>We do not stop working on improvement</p>

We do not stop working on improvement


RTL Mobile – is an automated system that improves the efficiency of mobile sales and enhances the productivity of sales representatives working by 30-90%. Moreover, it moves a decision – making management to a new level, increases customer loyalty and company image.

This is achieved due to the following factors:

  • a sales representative receives an on-line access to all the necessary information from a corporate information system;
  • there is a possibility to synchronize yourself remotely via a mobile phone, aiming to use your working hours in a more efficient way;
  • rapid electronic transference of the applications directly to the office;
  • providing a supervisor with a remote management mechanism of sales representatives (working hours supervision, task setting, messaging, target changes).


The following data participate in the exchange:

  • The information about goods, prices, stock balance, clients and sales outlets, issued documents from a handheld PC is transmitted to the database.
  • Customer database, prices and leftovers permitted for sale are transmitted from a mobile database to a handheld PC.
  •  The information about the results of agent visits and received orders from a handheld PC is transmitted to a mobile database.
  • The information about visits and orders of all the agents from a mobile database is transmitted to CIS.
  • The EIS from the mobile database to transmit information about the visits and orders all agents.
  • A mobile backend RTLMobile – an application, used in handheld PC of sales representatives is designed for automatization of a working place for sales representatives.


The program provides the following work modes:

1. Routes.

2. Price.

3. Clients.

4. Orders.

5. Shipments.

6. Debts.

7. Plan.

8. Syncronization.

9. Tasks.

10. History.


RTL Mobile. Desktop module. Used for:

  • Revision and correction of agents binding with handheld PC and routes.
  • Revision of the reference information.
  • Software installation to a laptop computer and synchronization control.
  • Distribution of access rights.
  • Message sending to handheld PC .